Oticon Intent™

Discover more about the groundbreaking Oticon Intent™, the first hearing aid in the world with the ability to grasp your listening preferences.

Experience the benefits of Oticon Intent™

Oticon Intent™ intelligently identifies your listening needs and preferences by analysing your movements, the environment and the ongoing conversations around you. Thus, you can enjoy personalised support and greater confidence, and remain fully engaged during important moments.

Oticon Intent - Greater clarity

Greater clarity

Experience crystal-clear sound and stay fully immersed in your surroundings with our 4D Sensor technology.

Oticon Intent - Greater power

Greater power

Seize the day and enjoy uninterrupted usage with this discreet hearing aid that houses a long-lasting battery.

Greater connectivity

Greater connectivity

Connect easily and seamlessly with other smart devices and hear the world around you with greater clarity.

Hearing aids that understand your intentions

Hearing aids that understand your intentions

One of the biggest obstacles faced by individuals with hearing loss is effectively communicating with their loved ones in noisy and dynamic environments. In such environments, hearing aids that do not take into account the listening intentions of the user can only transmit certain information to the brain, limiting their ability to engage.

Oticon Intent™ revolutionises the industry through the introduction of Sensor Driven BrainHearing Technology. This innovative technology utilises your movements, surroundings and ongoing conversations to identify and prioritise the sounds you want and need to hear so you can enjoy a truly personalised listening experience.

Designed to help you engage with the world

Whether you are streaming sounds from your television, answering phone calls directly through your hearing aid or more, Oticon Intent™ enables you to stay connected to your surroundings through its Bluetooth and audio streaming capabilities.

Additionally, you can conveniently manage and customise your hearing aid settings through our Oticon Companion app on your smartphone or Apple Watch.

Designed to help you engage with the world
Hearing aids to match your lifestyle and needs

Built to support all your daily activities

With Oticon Intent™, you can enjoy a full day of power (up to 20 hours of battery life) and quick recharging times. In just 30 minutes of charging, you can get an additional 8 hours of battery life.

Additionally, its water-resistant feature provides peace of mind even in light rain!

Made to match your personal style

Created to integrate seamlessly into your daily life, Oticon Intent™ is available in 9 different colours to complement your hair, skin and personal style.

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