101 Irrawaddy Road #16-14
Novena (Paediatrics Centre)
Novena (Paediatrics Centre)
101 Irrawaddy Road #16-14
Royal Square @ Novena
Singapore 329566
+65 6238 8832

Hearing Clinic in Novena (Paediatrics Centre)

Hearing Partners Novena Paediatrics Centre

Hearing Partners Novena Clinic (Paediatrics Centre)


101 Irrawaddy Road
Royal Square @ Novena
Singapore 329565

Our paediatrics hearing clinic is located at Royal Square, 1-min away from the Novena MRT Station.

Hearing Tests and Services

Lady doing hearing test

Hearing Tests

At our paediatrics centre, we provide a range of hearing tests for children. This includes Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA), tympanometry and Play Audiometry tests. Adults can also take a hearing test at our hearing clinic.

Child wearing red headphones

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Tinnitus may be experienced differently by different people. The treatments recommended will, therefore, be dependent on your condition. Speak to our audiologists about your condition today.

Woman with cochlear implant

Dizziness and Balance Diagnostic Tests

Dizziness and feelings of imbalance may be caused by issues related to the ears. Take a diagnostic test at our clinic to find out the cause of these sensations.

Machines for diagnostic testing

Device Selection and Post-fitting Care

At Hearing Partners, you can find a range of adult and paediatric hearing aids. We will assist you in the selection and fitting process, and share more about post-fitting care.

Directions to Our Paediatrics Hearing Centre at Novena


By MRT: 

  • Novena MRT Station (North-south line)
    • 1-min walk from Novena MRT

By bus:

  • Take buses 21, 56, 57, 131, 131A, 141, 166, 851, 980 (Bus stop ID: 50038)
    • From the bus stop, it’s a 1-min walk (130m) to our paediatrics hearing centre


Royal Square at Novena

Enter the carpark via Irrawaddy Road.


Monday – Saturday

  • 7am – 6pm: $3.00 for first hour, $1.50 for subsequent 30 mins
  • 6pm – 7am: $2.50/entry

 Sunday / Public Holiday 

  • 7am – 6pm: $2.20 for first 4 hours, $1.10 for subsequent 30 mins
  • 6pm – 7am: $2.50/entry

Opening Hours of Our Paediatrics Hearing Centre at Novena

Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.30am – 12.30pm

Contact number: +65 6238 8832


Other Hearing Clinics

Take Care of Your Child’s Hearing

A child’s hearing is essential to their growth and development. Ensure your child is able to hear the world around them clearly by taking a hearing test with us!

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