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We have been featured in many local news and media outlets including CNA Insider, Mothership and The Singapore Women’s Weekly. Through these media features, we seek to raise awareness for hearing loss and hearing healthcare. Read more below!

Isolated from the world due to hearing loss | The Story of Mdm Lim

Due to hearing loss, Mdm Lim felt isolated from the world for a big part of her life. She experienced difficulties communicating with others, was bullied, and even maligned.

To help her reconnect with the world and her loved ones, Mdm’s Lim daughter encouraged her to try hearing aids. Since then, Mdm Lim has been able to do the things she enjoys doing, such as gardening and chatting with friends.

Watch her journey here!


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Isolated from the world due to hearing loss | The Story of Mdm Lim


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Why so sensitive? How noise sensitivity can trigger stress and anxiety in some people

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Woman wearing an in-the-ear hearing aid

Think hearing aids are only for the elderly? Here’s why you may need them as early as in your 30s

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Could You Or Your Child Have Hearing Loss Without Knowing It? Here’s What To Note

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March 2022: School Holiday Fun + What’s In, Out, and About for Families in Singapore

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研究:听力受损患者戴助听器能更独立 改善家人关系

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Let’s Listen Again