Industrial Hearing Screening in Singapore

Employers are required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to send employees exposed to certain types of occupational hazards for pre-placement and regular medical examinations.

At Hearing Partners, we provide MOM-approved industrial hearing screening services for employees regularly exposed to high noise levels in their workplace. Learn more about our screening services below.

When to Conduct an Industrial Hearing Screening

Industrial hearing screenings are commonly performed while an individual is employed. They can also be conducted before an employee is offered a job or leaves the company.

Pre-placement screenings

Before being offered a job, individuals must undergo this screening to determine if they meet the necessary hearing requirements for the position.

Periodic screenings

These screenings are routine assessments conducted periodically to identify any changes in hearing health caused by excessive noise exposure in the workplace.

Exit screenings

When an employee resigns from the company, this screening is conducted to determine if there have been any changes in their hearing due to their occupation.

Industrial Hearing Screening Process at Hearing Partners

At Hearing Partners, our industrial hearing screenings are conducted by MOM-registered audiometricians. Additionally, depending on your needs, we offer screenings both with and without a Designated Workplace Doctor (DWD). Just follow these 4 simple steps to arrange a screening for your employees.

Replacing Your Hearing Aid Battery Step 1

Step 1: Send us an enquiry

Share with us your requirements for the screening using the enquiry form below.

Replacing Your Hearing Aid Battery Step 2

Step 2: Receive a quotation

Our hearing care professionals will reach out to finalise the details and provide a quotation.

Replacing Your Hearing Aid Battery Step 3

Step 3: Schedule appointments

Arrange for the hearing screening with our team according to your preferred location and dates.

Replacing Your Hearing Aid Battery Step 4

Step 4: Receive reports

Upon completing the screening and payment, the reports will be sent to your company within 1 to 3 weeks (or longer with DWD endorsement).

Note: If your company is required to submit the reports to the MOM, you may do so with the mailed reports. Hearing Partners will not be able to assist in this process.

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Why Choose Hearing Partners?

MOM-registered audiometricians

Our industrial hearing screenings are carried out by audiometricians who are registered with the MOM, ensuring that your company meets regulatory requirements.

Convenient locations

You can choose to schedule the screenings at our hearing clinics in Clementi, Tampines or Yishun respectively. These clinics are conveniently located and easily accessible via public transportation.

FAQs About Industrial Hearing Screenings

Why should I send my employees for an industrial hearing screening?

Aside from being a requirement set by the MOM, industrial hearing screenings play a crucial role in preventing occupational injuries, improving the overall work environment and avoiding potential legal issues for the company.

With regular screening, early signs of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) can be detected and appropriate measures can be taken to prevent or slow the progression of this condition. NIHL is irreversible and considered an occupational hazard.

When the employees’ hearing health is affected, they may struggle to communicate effectively at work and/or need to take time off work to seek treatment, which can negatively impact the company’s productivity and increase costs.

Furthermore, failing to provide adequate hearing screenings can have legal implications for the company. Employees who develop hearing loss due to the company’s negligence and poor safety regulations may take legal action against the company, which can result in costly legal battles and damage the company’s reputation.

Thus, it’s important to send employees for an annual industrial hearing screening to protect employees’ well-being and mitigate potential risks.

How much does an industrial hearing screening cost?

The cost will depend on various factors. Please send us an enquiry for an accurate quotation.

What do employees need to bring for the hearing assessment?

Employees are only required to bring their identification card (e.g. NRIC, work permit, staff pass) for the screening. They do not need to bring any medical records.

What type of hearing test will be carried out during the screening?

For our industrial hearing screening, employees will take a Pure-tone Audiometry (PTA) test involving air conduction (AC) testing. If necessary, a bone conduction (BC) test will be conducted as well. Speak to our hearing care professionals to find out more.

How often do my employees need to do an industrial hearing screening?

According to the medical monitoring requirements set by the MOM, employees who are exposed to high levels of noise in the workplace must undergo an annual industrial hearing screening.

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